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Colour, nature and a touch of...weirdness. That's what I love to put into my drawings. A vibrant palette of intriguing detail, where sometimes things just make no sense. This is what excites me most about drawing - you can create whatever you want - there are no rules!


Ever since I can remember I’ve loved art, loved drawing and creating. If my family and I went out to dinner and the tablecloths were made of paper, my pen would come out straight away.

On my 18th birthday I visited the Louvre in Paris and spent hours walking around looking at the different art and all the styles they came in.


When I'm not drawing, I'm the entertainer “Johnny Balance” which has taken me around the world. On every flight I would create a drawing on the vomit bags (!) and signed with my details to see what would happen. Low and behold! I have received messages from people in Denmark, Greece, New Zealand, Australia and more telling me that they found the vomit bag, sometimes months later..! The fact that art can make people connect and spread joy across the world is amazing to me.


My wish is that “Johnny Wonderland Art” will brighten up your walls, make you smile and create artworks that keep the admirer fascinated - that each time you look at it you will be amazed to always find something new. 

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_Trunks_ Boarder small.png

black and white

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